Friday, September 30, 2011

Music, lyrics and missed connections

The cast of 'Enter Love'

Although she spends her time behind the scenes, Lynn Lupold’s life is on the stage under the bright lights and in front of the entire audience. As the composer, lyricist and co-director of the musical ‘Enter Love,’ she watches as actors bring her songs and, ultimately, her own experiences to life at The Blue Theater.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Scare or amuse: shows open room for debate

"The Spirit Play" written by Emily Schwartz.
Photo credit: Tyler Core

Sally Morgan, British psychic to the stars, recently came under fire after claims that she might be a fake, while across the pond, experts continue to debate over the existence of a post-racial America. In the case of art imitating life, headlines become food for thought in the upcoming ensemble-driven comedy on nationalism with "The Americans", while "The Spirit Play" is a period piece that struggles with the concept of spiritualism.

Produced by The Strange Tree Group, "The Spirit Play" is an atmospheric dramedy set in the late 1870s. The story takes place in the affluent homes of Chicago’s elite at a time when séances and mediums were popular means for people to contact their lost loved ones. Grieving families become easy prey for a group of scheming con artists until lead character Jane starts to receive messages from beyond the grave.