Friday, October 7, 2011

A cheap date and even cheaper laughs

Anna Faris (center) in 'What's Your Number?'
It’s that modern tale of love: girl meets boy. Girl and boy end up in bed. Girl loses track of her sexual partners.

Directed by Mark Mylod, ‘What’s Your Number?’ follows the life of Ally Darling (Anna Faris), who realizes she’s had 19 partners too many – according to Marie Claire, any more than 20 and she’d have missed the opportunity to find Mr. Right.

Whereas her bride-to-be sister Daisy (Ari Graynor) is a Ralph Lauren ad brought to life, Ally’s life is a ‘Sex and the City’ episode full of one-night stands, drinking and bad decisions. After the life-changing article, she enlists the help of her commitment-phobic neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans) to track her exes in search of The One That Got Away.

We’re introduced to a revolving door of exes who manage to induce a few chuckles. While the ensemble’s collective performances are mediocre considering the material they have to work with, the biggest disappointment is Emmy-winner Blythe Danner. As Ally’s social-climber mother, it’s sad to see such a talent portray a one-dimensional character.

The movie certainly lives up to its R-rating – it’s not short of clips of Ally in her underwear and shots of Colin’s naked rear are plentiful. It’s not the next ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and nor does it pretend to be.

It may be a rom-com you’re likely to forget after 15 minutes but the location and cinematography steals the spotlight. The wedding scenes could have been shot in anywhere suburbia but Director of Photography J. Michael Muro proves himself an expert at creating stunning eye candy. The requisite scene of the girl running after her man showcases Boston’s lush gardens and cobblestone streets. It’s a shame when the location proves to have more character than the actors themselves.


'What's Your Number?' trailer

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